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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

PG&E recently filed a 1,013-page plan with utility regulators in which they say they'll spend $6 billion in the next two years on new technology and power grid work to reduce the risk of wildfire throughout northern and central California.

According to the Press Democrat, "The number of fires linked to PG&E power lines has driven significant distrust among residents about the utility’s plans to protect Californians going forward.

“Sunshiny day statements, safety-first mantras, all of that pat-yourself-on-the-back-PR really has to be accompanied by metrics for how we’re moving forward in a safe way,” said Will Abrams, a close observer of the bankruptcy process and vocal critic of PG&E’s wildfire safety work. He lost his Santa Rosa home in the 2017 Tubbs fire.

Abrams criticized the plan for offering few benchmarks that would allow others to gauge whether the utility it has met its pledges to judges and state regulators.

“Even if they have the best tactic, it still wouldn’t be effective unless they have the coordinated effort around it,” Abrams said."

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