Insult to injury

We're all familiar with the types of losses associated with California wildfires: deaths and injuries, destruction of property, and billions of dollars lost by businesses. Less well publicized is another punishing aspect to the repeated fires. Fire insurance is getting harder to secure, especially in the business and agricultural sector.

According to inewsource, The California Farm Bureau Federation has "learned

of about 500 hundred farmers in Napa, Sonoma, Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties who have been unable to renew their insurance policies since 2019. At least 15 in Sonoma and 10 in Monterey also got rejected for the last-resort coverage."

Premium increases of up to 400% to 500% have hit commercial property owners, especially wineries. The Press Democrat reports that some policies have been cancelled.

This is part of the long tail of misery inflicted by wildfires, as if there weren't reasons enough to do all we can to lessen the destructiveness of these yearly disasters.

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