Chief Marshall Turbeville Leads the Way

Congratulations to Marshall Turbeville, chief of the Northern Sonoma County Fire District and a Cal Fire battalion chief. He is to receive a 2021 National Fire Mitigation award for his leadership in fire prevention and preparation initiatives. With C.O.P.E, Citizens Organized to Prepare for Emergencies, he is aiding residents in wildfire preparation, response, and recovery.

In a Press Democrat article about him, Chief Turbeville says he's most proud of "helping people to reduce their risk" through educating and mobilizing residents, removing flammable vegetation, and refining evacuation and pre-attack planning.

Chief Turbeville and the people of C.O.P.E. have taken the initiative to do what they can to protect not only their own property, but the property of their neighbors and others in northern Sonoma County. Through these grassroots efforts they lead by example and point the way for our elected representatives to take bolder, more meaningful actions to mitigate the dangers of wildfires.

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