Neighbors helping neighbors

The threat of widespread wildfires will persist until government, businesses and residents take bold and aggressive action. Many Sonoma County residents are working now to protect themselves and their vulnerable neighborhoods. These grassroots efforts help homeowners and landowners alike plan for fire emergencies, harden their properties, and manage vegetation in open spaces and near important roadways.

Two of these groups, C.O.P.E. Northern Sonoma County and Good Fire Alliance are briefly described below.


"COPE is a grassroots effort built upon the concept of “neighbor helping neighbor” engaging communities in emergency preparedness education, advocacy and planning. COPE fosters community preparedness in coordination with public safety agencies, non-profits, and non-governmental agencies."

"The Good Fire Alliance is a group of private landowners and land managers in Sonoma and Marin Counties who have come together to learn how to manage the vegetation needs of their properties through controlled burning and other techniques."